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Anne Van Steenwinkel


Who is Anne?

Every story has a beginning. In this case, Anne’s passion for music awakened at the age of five when she picked up the violin and started playing the piano at her local music school in Mechelen. 

From then on, the path was laid to explore how music could and would change her life for the better.

At the age of 18 she decided to go after her passion and study Music Production in Ghent. Here she discovered her love for producing, songwriting, arranging and composing.

After her studies Anne started working as a freelance musician, composer and music director.


Anne studied Music Production at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent for five years. During that time, she also participated in a Erasmus exchange program at Codarts in Rotterdam where she studied for 6 months.

For her master's thesis, she arranged 13 original pop songs for symphonic orchestra and choir. This got her the award ‘Legaat De Blonde-Torck 2016' for promising student in a music eduction program.

In 2016, she graduated magna cum laude in Music Production.

Anne Van Steenwinkel

Experiences as a musician

Anne is a singer, violinist, pianist and conductor. She also plays the guitar, accordion, flute and every instrument she can get hold of.

Since 2007 she has played in several bands including Poubelle, Red JulietteTyger and Arcora.

In 2015 she played the violin in the orchestra of "Vrienden van Amstel" in Rotterdam. She performed nine times in a sold-out Ahoy.

Anne is currently singing in the choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers. She got the chance to stand on different major stages in Europe and Asia. In December 2015 she toured with the Beach Boys at Night of the Proms.

She has her own musical band, The Follies Club, and she plays the violin in pop-folk band Cozin.


Since 2016, she has been playing the keyboard in 18 musical productions. She is music director of the musical company De Bietjes. Since 2018, she is repetiteur for Winterrevue (Elckerlyc). She played piano in the musical Rubens (2018 - Historalia). She was assistent music director in the musical productions Sweeney Todd (2019 - Pateeke) and Mamma Mia! (2020 - Deep Bridge). In 2021-2022, she was music director of Het Geheim van te veel Torens, Robin Hood & ik, and The Sound of Music (Deep Bridge).

In Augustus 2022, Anne will move to Pennsylvania (USA) for a master and assistantship function at Penn State University in "Music directing in Theatre".

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Experiences as a composer

Anne started composing at the age of 8 and wrote ca. fifty pop songs during her studies. She followed composition lessons with Dirk Brossé.

She wrote music for the musicals 'Straight Undercover' (2013) and 'Liefheb Mij' (2014) by Shimmerglee, and music theater 'Cabaret Sauvignon' (2017) by Vreak.


Since 2015 she works together with composer Steve Willaert. This gave her the opportunity to work on music for Vermist, Eigen Kweek, F.C. De Kampioenen, Studio 100 (o.a. musical 40-45), Will Tura and Frimout.

In 2018 she founded the musical production company Poolster Producties, for which she wrote the music of the musical and children's book 'De Toekomstdroom' and 'Zonnewacht & Maneraad'.

As a freelance composer she wrote music for the Belgian Session Orchestra, Cozin, Brussels Operetta Theater and Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

Experiences as a producer

Anne recorded demos for Binti, Anna Rune and Tout Va Bien. She worked as a producer on the music book ‘Ja aan alle kinderen!’.

In 2015 she did an internship at Miguel Wiels and participated in the album '10,000 luchtballonnen' by K3.

She worked as a mixing assistant for Linster Studios on music for Clouseau & Little Luke and Lucy.


Anne specialises in realistic orchestral programming and creating keyboard sounds for musical productions.

Anne Van Steenwinkel
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